7 cool things you didn’t know about Outlook

Viewpoint enables you to send and get email messages, deal with your schedule, store names and quantities of your contacts

7 cool things you didn't know about Outlook

and track your undertakings. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you use Outlook consistently, you probably won’t know a portion of the cool things it can do to enable you to be progressively beneficial.

Did you neglect to join a record?

Standpoint can’t remind you about an undertaking you never entered or an arrangement you neglected to record, however it can keep you from sending an email without a connection. In the event that you make another email and type the words connection or appended, at that point attempt to send the email without including a connection, Outlook will advise you that you may have neglected to join a document. You can end the sending procedure, connect your document, and after that send your message. For progressively cool connection highlights, see Attach documents or addition pictures in Outlook email messages.

Viewpoint can remind you to join a record.

Never fail to catch a plane. Viewpoint includes your flight subtleties consequently.

Never fail to catch a plane again

In the event that you get flight, inn, or rental vehicle reservations by email, Outlook will consequently add those to your schedule alongside a significant part of the related data like your affirmation or following numbers, and even connections. Lamentably, Outlook can’t yet compute travel time to the air terminal, so make certain to check traffic before you leave.

Figure out how to consequently include travel and bundle conveyance occasions to your schedule.

Remain centered and overlook that discussion

Have you at any point ended up on an email string you need to disregard? In the event that you work for an enormous organization, somebody may add you to an appropriation list without your insight. For a silly (and to some degree agonizing) story about Microsoft’s very own involvement with this circumstance, see the Exchange Team Blog. Instead of erase each and every message in the string as they arrive, you can Ignore the whole discussion. All messages in the discussion will be moved to the Deleted Items organizer and future messages in that discussion will sidestep your Inbox totally and go ideal to the Deleted Items envelope. Need to know more? See disregard all email messages in a discussion.

Keep your inbox clean by disregarding bustling discussions.

Never miss a significant message with message alarms.

Try not to stress over missing a significant message

Maybe you’re sitting tight for an offer of employment or a show pre-deal code, or a lawful brief from your supervisor. However, you likewise have work to do that doesn’t include gazing at your Outlook message list for quite a long time.

Utilize Outlook’s new thing alarms to let you know at whatever point an approaching message meets explicit criteria. This alarm will show over some other application you’re taking a shot at so you never miss that message. For more data on message cautions, see Turn new message ready spring up on or off.

Tidy up an envelope

Do you have numerous strings in your Inbox with handfuls or even several messages in them? Odds are a great deal of those messages are close copies of each other. You’ve perused them, you’ve reacted to them, yet you’ve never erased them.

You can go through the Clean catch to erase a significant number of these messages, leaving just the messages that are new or have one of a kind data in them. Attempt it and perceive how much closer you get to Inbox Zero. See envelope and discussion tidy up for more data.

Utilize Clean Folder to evacuate additional, pointless messages.

Make various envelopes to store your email messages.

Open various Outlook Windows

Have you at any point needed to rapidly return and forward between your inbox and your schedule or view them one next to the other? Exchanging between Email, People, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Folders, Shortcuts, and Add-ins is basic. Select the proper catch on the route sheet.

On the off chance that you need to open any of those choices in another Outlook window, right-click the catches instead of clicking or choosing them. Select Open in New Window.


Have you at any point sent an email to twelve collaborators, yet just required an answer from two of them? You may have utilized content impacts like striking and underline and brilliant text style hues to feature their names. Presently, you have another choice.

Type @ pursued by their name, and a few things occur.

Their name is consequently added to the To line of the email message.

Their name is featured in the message body.

When they get the message in their inbox, they’ll see the @ image in the message list, showing they’re referenced by name.